Sales Template

Sales Toolkit 2.0 ( New Updates )

Accordion Content
  1. Credit Information Request
  2. Trend Analysis
  3. Collection Report
  4. Customer Feedback Request
  5. Client Satisfaction Survey
  6. Basic Strategic Plan
  7. Policy Of Media Relations
  8. Position Request Form
  9. Packing Slip
  10. Characteristics Of Competition Strategies
  11. Internal Business Analysis
  12. Cash Memo

Sales Toolkit

Accordion Content
  1. Acknowledgment of Customer Praise of Employee
  2. Acknowledgment of Unsolicited Ideas
  3. Action Form for Customer Service
  4. Apology and Compensation
  5. Apology and Tender of Compensation
  6. Apology for Delayed Response
  7. Apology for Inability to Tender
  8. Apology for Inconsistent Service
  9. Apology for Missing Appointment
  10. Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire
  11. Apology for System Downtime or Irregular Service
  12. Apology Regarding Inability to Submit Tender
  13. Apology to Customer for Accounting Error
  14. Board Resolution in Recognition of Distinguished Service
  15. Checklist To Improve Customer Service
  16. Christmas Season Thank You To Valued Customers
  17. Congratulations on Expansion
  18. Congratulations on the Formation of a New Company
  19. Congratulations on Service
  20. Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer
  21. Customer Charge Card Approval
  22. Customer Complaint Form
  23. Customer Confidentiality Agreement
  24. Customer Feedback Form
  25. Customer Feedback Request
  26. Customer Incentive Program Announcement
  27. Customer Letter for Departed Employee
  29. Customer Return Report
  30. Customer Revival, Product Sales
  31. Customer Service Action Form
  32. Customer service improvement checklist
  33. Customer Service Representative Job Description
  34. Customer Service Request Form
  35. Expiration of Service Contract
  36. Form for Customer Complaints
  37. Guidelines – Communicating with Prospective Clients
  38. How to Implement Customer Service Training
  39. How To Improve Customer Experience
  40. How to Improve Customer Relationship
  41. How To Offer Great Customer Service
  42. How To Steps for Client Onboarding Process
  43. I Value Your Business and Regret Losing it (Email)
  44. Inquiry on New Customer Credit
  45. Interview Guide Customer Service Representative
  46. Letter Announcing New Service
  47. Letter to Customer Invoice Attached
  48. Letter to Customer Not Home for Service Appointment
  49. Part Arrival Notice With Request to Schedule Service
  50. Please Complete the Enclosed Questionnaire
  51. Recommendation Regarding Repaired Product
  52. Record of Purchase Form, Warranty Registration
  53. Request for Customer Feedback
  54. Request for Pickup of Repaired Merchandise
  55. Response to Request for Service on Expired Warranty
  56. Second Request for Renewal of Service Agreement
  57. Service Congratulations
  58. Spontaneous Good Customer Relations Letter
  59. Standard Cover Letter in Response to Inquiry
  60. Thank You for Customer Referral
  61. Thank You for Evaluation Product, Product Similar, Declined
  62. Thank You for Evaluation Product, Product Unacceptable
  63. Thank You for the Favorable Product Review
  64. Thank You for Giving Your Time
  65. Thank You for Payment After the Phone Call
  66. Thank You for Product, Impressed, Declined
  67. Thank You for Substitute Check After Denial of Discount
  68. Thank You for your Support During Illness
  69. Thank You for Tour
  70. Thank You for Your Confidence, Service Business
  71. Thank You for Your Inquiry Price List Enclosed
  72. Thank You for Your Kind Comments
  73. Thank You for Your Suggestions
  74. Thanks for Recommending my Company
  75. Thanks for the Meeting and the Consideration
  76. Thanks to Customer for Repeat Business
  77. Thanksgiving Letter to Customers
  78. Valued Customer Party
  79. We Would Like to Welcome You Back as a Customer
  80. Welcome Discount for New Enterprise
  81. You’ve Attained Valued Customer Status with our Company
  82. Request Form for Customer Service
  83. Requesting pickup of repaired product
  84. Requesting Refund Form
  85. Account manager leaving your company
  86. Accounts – Product refund email
  87. Account manager introduction email
  88. Approval of Customer Charge Card
  89. Credit Extension for Valued Customers on Past Due Accounts
  90. Discount for New Companies
  91. Email after repairing product
  92. Email Announcing New Service
  93. Email to celebrate good customer relationship
  94. Email to Customer Not Home for Service Appointment
  95. Poor Service Rating on survey Apology
Accordion Content
  1. A straightforward connection message
  2. Admiring a prospect’s efforts
  3. Case studies to pitch a product.
  4. Contacting the decision-maker
  5. Follow-up after the demonstration
  6. Getting to know a prospect
  7. Inviting the prospect to an event
  8. Making a meeting request
  9. Mentioning Product Advantages
  10. Messaging to locate the appropriate person to speak with
  11. Messaging to locate the appropriate person to speak with
  12. Networking following a demonstration event (online)
  13. Networking following an offline demo/event
  14. Networking with C-level executives
  15. Product Comparison vs Competitors
  16. Prospecting message following Event/Webinar
  17. Providing a free trial
  18. Qualifying the LinkedIn lead
  19. Qualifying the LinkedIn lead Reminder follow up message
  20. Request for a connection with a decision-maker
  21. Request for connection
  22. Requesting a phone call
  23. Thank you for accepting my invitation to connect.
  24. The first message after connecting (Within 24 Hours)
Accordion Content
  1. Advertising Agency Agreement
  2. Advertising Sales Representation Agreement
  3. Affiliate Marketing Agreement Template
  4. Affiliate program agreement
  5. Agency Agreement Corporate Duties
  6. Agreement Between Carrier and Shipper
  7. Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
  8. Agreement for Internet Advertising Services
  9. Agreement for Reseller
  10. Agreement of Movable Hypothec Without Delivery
  11. Agreement of Purchase and sale of Business Assets
  12. Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares – Long form
  13. Agreement to Debt Payment Extension Terms
  14. Agreement with Provider of Network Services
  15. Amendment to Sales Contract
  16. Asset Purchase Agreement for Retail Store
  17. Asset Purchase Agreement
  18. Asset Sale and Purchase Agreement Film Television
  19. Asset Transfer and Sale Agreement Brand
  20. Awarding Contract Letter
  21. Bulk Sale Agreement
  22. Call Centre and Telemarketing Agreement
  23. Challenges Arising from Sale Agreement Checklist
  24. Checklist Drafting Joint Promotion Agreements
  25. Checklist Drafting Merchandising Licence Agreements
  26. Checklist for a Co-Branding Agreement
  27. Checklist Items to Consider for Drafting a Promissory Note
  28. Checklist Partnership Agreement
  29. Commercial Pledge Equipment and Machinery
  30. Commission Agreement With Royalties or Commission
  31. Commitment Form
  32. Compromising Debt Agreement
  33. Conditional Sale Agreement
  34. Confidentiality Agreement (Data Processing Services)
  35. Confidentiality Agreement for Consultants and Contractors
  36. Confidentiality Agreement for Consultants Contractors
  37. Confirmation of Purchase Agreement
  38. Consultant Agreement
  39. Consultant Non-Disclosure Agreement
  40. Consulting Agreement Long
  41. Contract for the Manufacture and Sale of Goods
  42. Contract for the Sale of Goods
  43. Customer Confidentiality Agreement
  44. Dealership Agreement
  45. Delay on Order Notice
  46. Distributor Agreement
  47. Employment Agreement
  48. Employment Agency Agreement
  49. Equipment Lease Agreement Long
  50. Equipment Lease Checklist
  51. Equipment Lease With Purchase Option
  52. Equipment Maintenance Agreement
  53. Equipment Operating Lease
  54. Equipment Purchase Agreement
  55. Equipment Sales Agreement
  56. Exclusive Distribution Agreement
  57. Exclusive Importation and Sales Agreement
  58. Exclusive Solicitation Sales Commission Agreement
  59. Extend Debt Payment Terms Agreement
  60. First Supply Agreement
  61. Free Linking Agreement Template
  62. Guidelines Partnership Agreement
  63. Letter of Understanding Regarding Terms of Proposed Contract
  64. License Agreement Non-Exclusive Licence to Manufacture
  65. Management and Administrative Services Agreement
  66. Manufacturing Distribution Agreement
  67. Master Agreement Sale of Merchandise
  68. Merchandising and Marketing Agreement
  69. Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
  70. NDA
  71. Net Equipment Lease
  72. Non-exclusive Sales Representation Agreement
  73. OEM Agreement
  74. OEM Distribution and Licence Agreement
  75. OEM Reciprocal Licence Agreement
  76. Online Promotion Agreement Template
  77. Online Sales Disclaimer
  78. Outsourcing Call Center Support Agreement
  79. Partnership Dissolution Agreement
  80. Performance Evaluation
  81. Policy for Commissions on Sales
  82. Product Supplier Agreement
  83. Product Supply Agreement
  84. Purchasing Agents Agreement
  85. Real Estate Brokerage Agreement
  86. Repurchase Agreement
  87. Request Letter to Supplier for Credit Facility
  88. Reseller Agreement
  89. Right of First Opportunity Agreement Commercialisation
  90. Sale of Goods and Manufacturing Contract
  91. Sale of Goods Contract
  92. Sales Addendum
  93. Sales Agency Agreement With Trademarks protection
  94. Sales Agency Agreement
  95. Sponsorship Agreement
  96. Strategic Alliance and Supply Agreement
  97. Supply Agreement
  98. Terminating a Distribution Agreement
Accordion Content


  1. Annual Analysis And Summary Report Of Sales Data
  2. Cold Email Sales Weekly Activity Spreadsheet
  3. Excel Sales Opportunity Tracking Template
  4. Finance Strategy
  5. Lead Tracker
  6. Marketing Sales Lead Goal Calculator
  7. Marketing Expenses Plan
  8. Mini CRM Tool
  9. Online Sales Tracker
  10. Pipeline Tracker Spreadsheet
  11. Pipeline Velocity Analyzer
  12. Sales Funnel
  13. Sales Pipeline
  14. Sales Plan
  15. Sales Sequence Builder
  16. Sales Volume Last Year Vs This Year
  17. Simple Sales Gantt Chart


  • Business Concepts Swot Analysis Infographic


  • Business Development Strategy
  • Business Growth Plan Template
  • Characteristics Of Competitive Strategies
  • Checklist Launching A Successful Direct Mail Campaign
  • Checklist Service Strategy
  • Conducting A Brainstorming Session Checklist
  • Considerations For Benchmarking Checklist
  • Creating A Marketing Brochure
  • Customer Support Strategy Planning Template
  • General Marketing Manager Interview Questions
  • Go-To-Market Plan
  • Guideline For Creating A Marketing Plan
  • How To Do A Marketing Campaign
  • Implementing A Marketing System
  • Information Systems Strategies Checklist
  • Interview Guide Marketing Assistant
  • List Of Marketing Channels
  • Management Audit
  • Manufacture Analysis
  • Market Study
  • Market Survey Business
  • Market Survey General
  • Marketing Assistant Job Description
  • Off-Page Seo Checklist
  • On-Page Seo Checklist
  • Organizational Chart
  • Organizational Communication Map
  • Pain Points Survey
  • Possible Business Growth Strategies
  • Possible Financial Accounting Strategies
  • Possible Human Resource Management Strategies
  • Possible Marketing Strategies
  • Possible Production Operations Management Strategies
  • Possible Research And Development Strategies
  • Pricing Strategy Roadmap
  • Product Sales Sheet Template
  • Profit-Sharing Plan
  • Promotional Campaign Evaluation
  • Sales Action Plan
  • Smart Sales Goals Template
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Strategic Planning Checklist
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Seo Checklist
  • Sales And Marketing And Marketing Manager Jd
Accordion Content
  1. A Mutual Friend Suggested I Contact you
  2. A quick hello and congrats on the [[event]]
  3. Acceptance of Order With Delivery in Lots
  4. Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Order
  5. Acknowledgment of Cancellation of Back-Order
  6. Acknowledgment of Merchandise Returned for Repair
  7. Acknowledgment of Notification of Lease Transfer
  8. Acknowledgment of Warranty and Instruction for Product Return
  9. Announcing grand opening email
  10. Apology and Replacement of Damaged Goods
  11. Apology and Request for Extension of Time to Deliver Goods
  12. Apology for Overshipment
  13. Asking a cold lead what the next step should be
  14. Available for a chat
  15. Business to Customer Introduction Letter
  16. Can I help with pain point
  17. Catalog Introduction Letter
  18. Change in Relationship Manager
  19. Claim Form for Damage on Shipped Goods
  20. Cold pitch email
  21. Company Introduction letter
  22. Confirmation of Verbal Order
  23. Confirming a Quotation
  24. Congrats on [[event]]
  25. Congrats on [[new role]]
  26. Congrats on the [[achievement]] Email
  27. Congratulations on company expansion
  28. Congratulations on Increased Sales
  29. Congratulations on the New Company
  30. Continuing a dialogue with a prospective client
  31. Contract manufacturing agreement
  32. Cost Quotation cover email
  33. Cover email Responding to Inquiry
  34. Credit for Damaged Shipment
  35. Customer email for departed employee
  36. Customer incentive program announcement
  37. Customer problem-solving pitch
  38. customer retention email
  39. Customer Revival of Sales
  40. Delivery of Substituted Goods
  41. Demand for Acknowledgement of Shipping Dates
  42. Demand for Particulars of Rejection of Goods
  43. Demand for Shipping Instructions
  44. Discount for New clients
  45. Email after providing Quotation
  46. Email Announcing New Product
  47. Email Announcing New Service
  48. Email for Good Customer Relations
  49. Email for late shipment due to stock being in transit
  50. Email for Purchase Order
  51. Email for when a cold lead might be interested
  52. Email reply to someone asking for more information and an appointment
  53. Email to build trust with your client
  54. Email to capture customers when competition is giving bad service
  55. Email to get connected to decision-maker
  56. Email to send to a client when they say they_re busy
  57. Email to set an appointment when the client didn_t give you too much information
  58. Email when someone doesn’t pick up the phone
  59. Email with Proposal (long)
  60. Email with Proposal (short).
  61. Enclosed is a Different Option
  62. Inquiry to collaborate
  63. Expansion Congratulations
  64. Explanation for Delay of Partial Shipment
  65. First contact email
  66. Follow up after client asked to contact them later
  67. Hi {{first_name}} _ closing the loop
  68. Hope you_re doing well
  69. How do you acquire customers
  70. How you handle [[problem]]
  71. I Look Forward to Meeting with You
  72. I Must Reschedule our Meeting
  73. I ve been thinking of {{company}}
  74. Ideas about [[lead’s goal or problem]]
  75. Improper Billing After Payment
  76. Inability to Fill Purchase Order
  77. Inability to Offer Substitute
  78. Inquiry Regarding Discontinued Model
  79. Intro email after meeting at event_
  80. Introducing Myself as Your New Sales Rep
  81. Introducing new product email
  82. Invitation for Demonstrate New Product Line
  83. Invitation to Business Event
  84. Invoice Received after Payment
  85. Is this you, {{first_name}}
  86. Late Return Authorisation
  87. Let_s catch up
  88. Letter Acknowledging Receipt of Goods
  89. Letter Acknowledgment Receipt of Goods
  90. Letter Adjustment to Discount for Delayed Delivery
  91. Letter Cancellation of Purchase Order for Late Delivery
  92. Letter Cancellation of Unfulfilled Order
  93. Letter Conditional Payment for Goods
  94. Letter Information in Advance of Purchase Order
  95. Letter Invitation for Price Quote
  96. Letter of Intent for Purchase of Computer Equipment
  97. Letter Proposal Acceptance
  98. Letter Rejection Part of Delivery
  99. Letter Replacement of Damaged Goods
  100. Letter Request Refund on Undelivered Goods
  101. Letter Return of Goods on Approval
  102. Letter Return of Product on Free Trial
  103. Letter Return of Rejected Goods
  104. Letter to Customer Invoice Attached
  105. List of features email
  106. May I Introduce our New Employee to You
  107. Meet Relevant person
  108. Meeting Confirmation
  109. Moved to a Bigger Office
  110. New Account Welcome and Terms Letter
  111. New Area Representative Announcement
  112. New Discount Offer Announcement
  113. New feature to solve [[XYZ]]
  114. New opportunities
  115. New Pricing Policy Announcement
  116. New role
  117. Nice meeting you {{first_name}}
  118. No answer follow up email
  119. No Recent Orders – Valued Customer
  120. Not a priority
  121. Notice Delivery Rejection
  122. Notice Following Refusal to Accept Delivery
  123. Notice for Unexpected Delay in Shipment
  124. Notice of Back-Ordered Item
  125. Notice of Buyer_s Disposition of Rightfully Rejected Goods
  126. Notice of Claim of Defective Goods
  127. Notice of Defective Goods
  128. Notice of Dispatch
  129. Notice of Reclamation
  130. Notice of Rejection of Goods
  131. Notice of Withholding Future Deliveries
  132. Notice to Cancel Shipment of Back-ordered Goods
  133. Notice to Disregard Letter Indicating Inability to Ship
  134. Notice to Stop Goods in Transit
  135. Notice to Suspend Deliveries and Contract Release
  136. Notification of Expiration of Service Contract
  137. Notification of Returned Merchandise Credit
  138. Now is a Great Time to Reorder
  139. Our Company Name is Changing
  140. Part Arrival Notice With Request to Schedule Service
  141. Parts Arrival Notification
  142. Permission to Use Unsolicited Testimonial
  143. Poor Service Rating Apology
  144. Positive Answer to a Proposal
  145. Positive Feedback on an Article
  146. Price Increase
  147. Pricing Good for a Limited Time Final Reminder
  148. Product introduction email
  149. Product Launch Email
  150. Product Pitch [Problem] solution
  151. Product pitch to solve [Pain point]
  152. Product Submitted for Distribution or Resale
  153. Proposal follow up email
  154. Proposal Resubmission
  155. Questionnaire Enclosed for Completion
  156. Quick call to understand case study
  157. Quick meeting Pitch email
  158. Quick question about {{company}}
  159. Quick win for {{company}}
  160. Ready to discuss [[problem]]
  161. Recommendation for care of Repaired Product
  162. Refusal of Rejection of Goods
  163. Refusal to Accept Late Return of Merchandise
  164. Rejected Goods Return Instructions
  165. Reminder of renewal of Annual maintenance contract_
  166. Reminder Packing List Requirement
  167. Reminder The Prices in This Quotation Are Good for a Limited A4
  168. Repeat Business Thank you email
  169. Replacing Rejected Goods
  170. Reply asking for Additional Information
  171. Request for Authorisation to Substitute Product
  172. Request for Information Regarding Advertising Rates
  173. Request for Proof of Merchandise Return email
  174. Request to customer for Input on Product Development
  175. Request to fill warranty form
  176. Requesting Pickup of Repaired Product
  177. Requesting Testimonials from Clients
  178. Reshipping of a product that hasn_t arrived yet
  179. Resource on [[topic]]
  180. Response to phone call query to send brochure
  181. Review Enclosed Proposal
  182. Saying no for service on Invalid Warranty
  183. Sell by _Solve [[problem]]
  184. Sell by helping your customers with Painpoints for free
  185. Shipment is being Traced
  186. Shipment Schedule Acknowledgment of Purchase Order
  187. Show you can easily solve customers pain points
  188. Solution for [common challenge in your industry]
  189. Solve [pain point] with low risk [[offer]]
  190. Sorry About the Invoice Mistake
  191. Sorry for Error in Order
  192. Sorry for your Displeasure in the Substitute Order
  193. Sorry you are dissatisfied with the Product
  194. Special Rate for Loyal Customers
  195. Suggestions on [[topic]]
  196. Talk to our distributor to purchase our product_service
  197. Thank you for Praise of Employee
  198. Thank you for the Offer to Help our Campaign
  199. Thank You for Visiting our Exhibit
  200. Thank you for your Confidence
  201. Thank you for Your Time
  202. Thanks for Customer Referral
  203. Thanks for the Good Product Review
  204. Thanks for the Recommendation
  205. Thanks for the Suggestions
  206. Thanks for the Tour
  207. Thanks for your Payment After Reminder
  208. Tips for achieving [[results]]
  209. Tips for dealing with [problem] – Email
  210. Trying to connect with [First name]
  211. Update on a Few Things We_re Doing
  212. Using statistics to show your product is better
  213. Valued Customer Award Status
  214. Violation of Warranty
  215. We Accept Your Event Invitation
  216. We are Taking your Annoyances Seriously
  217. We are Working on the Missing Shipment
  218. We Have a New Website
  219. We Have Credited Your Account To the Right Amount
  220. We Have Followed The Warranty In Full Accordance
  221. We Regret Losing your Business
  222. We want to work with you
  223. We Would Like to Welcome You Back as a Customer
  224. What_s your strategy for this quarter
  225. When a client says I will keep your information
  226. When you’re going to be visiting the client’s city
  227. Why did you go
  228. You Are Right and do Not Owe Us
  229. Your Order has Reached Us
Accordion Content
  1. Lead Nurturing – Email to senior management
  2. Lead Nurturing – Free Trial
  3. Lead Nurturing – More information about your company
  4. Lead Nurturing a CEO – Showing value of solution of your company
  5. Networking – Follow up after meeting at networking event
  6. Networking Lead Nurturing – Follow up after meeting
  7. Non- Responding Lead – Follow up with your product
  8. Non-responding lead – Not a priority
  9. Presales – Can you lead me to the person incharge
  10. Presales – Email to senior management about solving their pain points
  11. Presales – Follow up after meeting
  12. Presales – Follow up for meeting after phone call
  13. Presales – Simple Follow up
  14. Presales – What do you think
  15. Re-enagement – New feature to solve clients pain points
  16. Re-enagement – Suggestion to solve pain points
  17. Re-engagement Networking – Tool to help with clients pain points after
  18. networking event
  19. Re-Engagement for Saas – Lead was a previous user
  20. Sales – After meeting adding value
  21. Sales – After meeting
  22. Sales – Follow up to help with clients pain point with offer
  23. Sales – Get more benefits by using your product
  24. Sales – Ideas to tackle clients issues
  25. Sales – More information about your company
  26. Sales – Providing more information
  27. Sales – Reply with info requested
  28. Sales – Simple follow up
Accordion Content
  1. Business Growth Plan Template
  2. Business Growth White Paper
  3. Guidelines Service Strategy
  4. How to Develop a telemarketing Script
  5. Phone selling Script Sample
  6. Promotional Campaign Evaluation
  7. Sales Prospecting Sheet
  8. Sales tracker Planner Template
  9. Sample Sales Budget Template
  10. Simple Sales Mind Map
  11. Telemarketing Guidelines
  12. Trade Show Checklist
Accordion Content


  1. Business Proposal Presentation
  2. General Sales Funnel Presentation
  3. Project Management Gantt Chart


  1. Business Project Proposal
  2. Business Proposal
  3. Checklist For Brochure
  4. Developing A Grant Proposal
  5. Email Enclosing Proposal
  6. Email For Accepting The Business Proposal
  7. General Business Proposal Template
  8. Grant Proposal
  9. Request For Proposal
  10. Request To Determine Fair Market Value Of Shares
  11. Sales Proposal (Medium Length)
  12. Sales Proposal Letter Template
  13. Sales Proposal Template
  14. Sales Proposal
  15. Scope Of Work Template
  16. Seo Proposal
  17. Service Proposal
  18. Software Scope Of Work Format
  19. Sponsorship Proposal


  1. Gantt Chart Proposal
Accordion Content


  1. Sales Commission Compensation Calculator.xlsx”
  2. Sales Compensation Plan.xlsx”
  3. sales invoice.xlsx”
  4. Sales Lead Tracking Excel Template.xls”
  5. Sales Performance Dashboard Template.xlsx”
  6. Activity Scorecard.xlsx”
  7. Sales Reciept.xlsx”
  8. Sales report.xlsx”
  9. CRM Template.xlsx”
  10. Sales Representative Performance Calculator.xlsx”
  11. Sales Tracking Template focused on Sales rep performance.xlsx”
  12. Super Basic CRM.xlsx”
  13. World Meeting Planner.xlsx”


  1. Announcing Our Recent Acquisition
  2. Bill of Sale With Encumbrances
  3. Bill of Sale
  4. Board Resolution in Recognition of Distinguished Service
  5. Bulk Sale Notice
  6. Commercial Sales Invoice
  7. Commission Sales Agreement
  8. Commission Summary
  9. Confirmation of Interview Appointment
  10. Congratulations on Increased Sales
  11. Evaluation Sales Representative
  12. Interview Confirmation
  13. Introducing Myself as Your New Sales Rep
  14. Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff
  15. New Area Representative Announcement
  16. Policy for Commissions on Sales
  17. Reimbursement Policy for Sales Expenses
  18. Response to Phone Query – Product Literature
  19. Sales Addendum
  20. Sales Plan
  21. Sales Representative Agreement
  22. Sales Representative Employment Agreement
  23. Sales representative interview questions
  24. Sales Seminar Memorandum
  25. Sales Staff- Encouragement
  26. Sales Training Calendar Template
  27. Salesman Performance Evaluation
  28. Supervisor Manager of Retail Sales Workers Job Description
Accordion Content
  1. Business Plan
  2. Financial Projection
  3. Invoice Tracker
  4. Leads And Opportunities Tracker
  5. Marketing Budget
  6. Revenue Analysis
  7. Stock Inventory Control
Accordion Content
  1. Training For A Successful Sales Meeting
  2. Training For Business Development
  3. Training For Business Relationship Building
  4. Training For Ending Sales Presentations
  5. Training For Getting Customers To Buy Your Product
  6. Training For Inside Sales Metrics
  7. Training For Performance Management
  8. Training For Sales Objection Handling
  9. Training For Stalled Negotiations
  10. Training For Start Up Sales
  11. Training In How To Build Rapport In Person
  12. Training On Basic Negotiation
  13. Training On Business Conversation Starters
  14. Training On Checking The Effectiveness Of A Team
  15. Training On Cold Calling
  16. Training On Creating A Buyer Persona
  17. Training On Cross-Selling And Upselling
  18. Training On Email Etiquette
  19. Training On Evaluating Your Competition
  20. Training On Finding And Dealing With Decision-Makers
  21. Training On Growth Hacking
  22. Training On Handling Sales Objections Or Rejections
  23. Training On How To Ask For A Sale
  24. Training On How To Build Rapport
  25. Training On How To Close A Sale On The Phone
  26. Training On How To Close A Sale Professionally
  27. Training On How To Contact Ceos
  28. Training On How To Evaluate Your Competition
  29. Training On How To Find Leads Online
  30. Training On How To Find Prospects For Sales
  31. Training On How To Follow Up Correctly
  32. Training On How To Improve Sales Listening Skills
  33. Training On How To Perfect Your Sales Pitch
  34. Training On How To Persuade And Influence Your Customers
  35. Training On How To Position Against A Competitor
  36. Training On How To Prioritise Sales Leads
  37. Training On How To Sell Anything To Anybody
  38. Training On How To Use Networking For More Sales
  39. Training On Making A Great Sales Presentation
  40. Training On Making All Customers Feel Important
  41. Training On Sales Funnel
  42. Training On Sales Closing
  43. Training On Sales Methodologies
  44. Training On Sales Via Whatsapp
  45. Training On Winning Back A Customer
  46. Training To Analyze Customer Needs
  47. Training To Avoid Sales Mistakes While Closing
  48. Training To Conduct Customer Research
  49. Training To Creating A Positive B2B Sales Experience
  50. Training To Help You Improve Your Sales Strategy
  51. Training To Introduce Yourself Over Email
  52. Training To Manage Key Accounts
  53. Training To Understand Your Clients Needs
Accordion Content
  1. Anti Bribery Anti Corruption Policy
  2. Anti Bullying Policy
  3. Anti-Spam Policy
  4. Attendance And Punctuality Guidelines
  5. Bring Your Own Device Policy
  6. Cash Handling Policy
  7. Commission Policy
  8. Company Cell Phone Policy
  9. Company Data Protection Policy
  10. Computer Use Policy
  11. Dress Code Policy
  12. Email Policy
  13. Employee Cell Phone Policy
  14. Employee Handbook
  15. Employee Laptop Policy
  16. Employee Referral Policy
  17. Exit Interview Policy
  18. Expenses Reimbursement Policy
  19. Gifts Entertainment Policy
  20. Internet And Email Policy For Employees
  21. Local Travel Policy
  22. Maternity Leave Policy
  23. Overtime Policy
  24. Policy For Commissions On Sales
  25. Policy For Media Relations
  26. Record Maintenance And Confidentiality Policy
  27. Reimbursement Policy For Sales Expenses
  28. Rewards And Recognition Policy
  29. Travel Policy
  30. Website Privacy Policy
Accordion Content
  1. Digital Marketing Flowchart
  2. Employee Sales Lead Flowchart
  3. Marketing Department Organizational Chart
  4. Sales Management Cross-Functional Flowchart
  5. Sales Organizational Chart
  6. Sales Process Flowchart
  7. Sales Return Process Flowchart
  8. Sales Strategy Mind Map
  9. Sample Sales Flowchart
  10. Simple Sales Flowchart
  11. Staff Training Flowchart
Accordion Content
  1. SOP For A Marketing Calendar
  2. SOP For Addressing Customer Complaints
  3. SOP For Calculating Commission
  4. SOP For Client Followup
  5. SOP For Collecting Customer Feedback
  6. SOP For Collecting Payments
  7. SOP For Conducting A Client Meeting
  8. SOP For Cost Analysis
  9. SOP For Creating A Customer Database
  10. SOP For Creating Department Budget
  11. SOP For Creating Quotation
  12. SOP For Email Communication
  13. SOP For Handling Sensitive Information
  14. SOP For Improving Employee Performance
  15. SOP For Increasing Sales In Person
  16. SOP For Managing Company Finance
  17. SOP For Onboarding An Employee
  18. SOP For Presentation Proposal
  19. SOP For Preventing Shipping Damage
  20. SOP For Recording Salesman Travel Mileage
  21. SOP For Recruiting And Hiring
  22. SOP For Responding To Customer Emails
  23. SOP For Sales Phone Call
  24. SOP For Sales Projection
  25. SOP For Sending Invoice
  26. SOP For Setting Incentives
  27. SOP For Training New Employees
  28. SOP For Wishing Clients On Festivals
  29. SOP To Deal With Rude Customers
  30. SOP To Enhance Service Quality
  31. SOP To Greet Arriving Customers
  32. SOP To Map Your Online Sales Funnel
  33. SOP To Measure Company Growth
  34. SOP To Measure Customer Satisfaction
  35. SOP To To Ensure Excellent Customer Service
Accordion Content


  1. Cold Call Tracking Sheet Day Wise With Graph
  2. Customer Service Call Tracking
  3. Daily Call Tracking


  1. Call Centre And Telemarketing Agreement
  2. How To Develop A Telemarketing Script
  3. Phone Selling Script Sample
  4. Telemarketing Report

Human Resources for Sales Team

Accordion Content
  1. Account Coordinator interview questions
  2. Account Coordinator job description
  3. Account Director interview questions
  4. Account Director job description
  5. Account Executive interview questions
  6. Account Executive job description
  7. Account Manager interview questions
  8. Account Manager job description
  9. Account Officer job description
  10. Account Representative interview questions
  11. Account Representative job description
  12. Account Supervisor job description
  13. Assistant Account Executive interview questions
  14. Assistant Account Executive job description
  15. Business Development Manager interview questions
  16. Business Development Manager job description
  17. Business Development Representative interview questions
  18. Business Development Representative job description
  19. Call Center Manager interview questions
  20. Call Center Representative interview questions
  21. Car Salesman job description
  22. Cashier interview questions
  23. Cashier job description
  24. Category Manager interview questions
  25. Client Relations Manager job description
  26. Commercial Director job description
  27. Company policies checklist for new hires
  28. Customer Success Manager job description
  29. Email to successful candidate after the interview
  30. Engagement Manager interview questions
  31. Engagement Manager job description
  32. Field Sales (Outside Sales) Representative job description
  33. Field Sales Representative interview questions
  34. Fleet Manager Job Description
  35. Inside Sales Manager interview questions
  36. Inside Sales Manager job description
  37. Inside Sales Representative interview questions
  38. Inside Sales Representative job description
  39. Insurance Agent job description
  40. Insurance Sales Representative job description
  41. Interview no-show email template
  42. Interview reminder email template
  43. Inventory Specialist job description
  44. Junior Account Manager job description
  45. Key Account Manager interview questions
  46. Key Account Manager job description
  47. Merchandiser interview questions
  48. National Account Manager interview questions
  49. National Account Manager job description
  50. National Sales Manager job description
  51. New employee announcement email
  52. New employee introduction email to clients
  53. Packer job description
  54. Produce Clerk job description
  55. Regional Sales Manager interview questions
  56. Regional Sales Manager job description
  57. Relationship Manager interview questions
  58. Relationship Manager job description
  59. Retail Buyer interview questions
  60. Sales Account Executive interview questions
  61. Sales Account Executive job description
  62. Sales Account Manager job description
  63. Sales Administrator job description
  64. Sales Advisor interview questions
  65. Sales Analyst job description
  66. Sales Assistant interview questions
  67. Sales Assistant job description
  68. Sales Associate interview questions
  69. Sales Associate job description
  70. Sales Clerk job description
  71. Sales Consultant interview questions
  72. Sales Consultant job description
  73. Sales Coordinator interview questions
  74. Sales Coordinator job description
  75. Sales Director interview questions
  76. Sales Director job description
  77. Sales Engineer interview questions
  78. Sales Engineer job description
  79. Sales Executive interview questions
  80. Sales Executive job description
  81. Sales Job Offer Letter Template
  82. Sales Manager interview questions
  83. Sales Manager job description
  84. Sales Representative interview questions
  85. Sales Representative job description
  86. Sales Support Specialist job description
  87. Sales Trainee interview questions
  88. Sales Training Specialist job description
  89. Salesforce Administrator job description
  90. Scheduling an interview email
  91. Second interview invitation email
  92. Senior Account Executive job description
  93. Senior Account Manager job description
  94. Sourcing sales candidates email
  95. Store Manager interview questions
  96. Strategic Account Manager interview questions
  97. Strategic Account Manager job description
  98. Telemarketer job description
  99. Telesales Representative interview questions
  100. Telesales Representative job description
  101. Territory Manager job description
  102. Territory Sales Representative job description
  103. Visual Merchandiser interview questions
  104. Visual Merchandiser job description
  105. VP of Sales job description
  106. Welcome to the team email

WhatsApp Sales Messages

Accordion Content
  1. Client payment failed
  2. Final Overdue Payment reminder
  3. Gentle Payment Reminder
  4. Informing Debtor of Legal Action
  5. Invoice notification message
  6. Offering Payment options for credit extension
  7. Payment Received dispatching material
  8. Payment reminder – Few days before due date
  9. Reminder for outstanding payment
  10. Requesting call back for Invoice pending
  11. Soft Payment reminder
  12. Stoppage of services unless payment made
  13. Strong Payment reminder
  14. Very Simple Payment received thank you message
  1. Polite way to decline discount request
  2. Angry Customer – Asking them for more information
  3. Angry Customer – Forwarding to Manager
  4. Angry Customer – I’m not equipped to handle your request
  5. Angry Customer – Sending your request to the right person
  6. Angry Customer – Sent wrong information
  7. Angry Customer – Unable to meet a request
  8. Angry Customer – Will transfer you to the right department
  9. Angry Customer – Wrong invoice sent
  10. Appointment Confirmation message
  11. Asking for more information – GST number
  12. Asking the customer – Sending you a canceled cheque and bank details
  13. Customer Appointment Reminder
  14. Did our call center operator satisfy your inquiries
  15. First contact – Friendly
  16. Friendly Appointment reminder
  17. Friendly reminder for appointment
  18. Issuing of refund
  19. Message requesting feedback
  20. Providing Tracking Information
  21. Rate our service 1 to 5
  22. Reconnecting customer – Welcome back
  23. Requesting photo of issue
  24. Saying – I don’t know [MEDIUM]
  25. Sorry – Bad Customer Service
  26. Sorry – Brought to attention of management
  27. Sorry for – Delay in service
  28. Sorry – the inconvenience caused by us
  29. Sorry – Not Satisfied by our service
  30. Sorry – Rude treatment from staff
  31. Sorry – Unintentional Error
  32. Sorry – Very Rude Behaviour from staff
  33. Sorry – We take full responsibility
  34. Sorry – We value you as a customer
  35. Thank you – Attached Coupon Code
  36. Thank you – Customer, for waiting
  37. Thank you – For being our valued Customer
  38. Thank you – For the purchase
  39. Thank you – For your trust and confidence
  40. Unhappy customer – General
  41. Unresponsive Customer – Trying to get him back to chat
  1. Autoreply for setting up call
  2. Cart Abandonment Message
  3. Couldn_t reach Lead message
  4. End of Month sales message
  5. Explain Product – Clarify if the customer wants to understand the product
  6. Explain product – Customer wants to know more about a product
  7. Proactive sales – Asking a customer if they need help deciding
  8. Product Launch
  9. Purchase notification
  10. Sales Ending reminder
  11. Upsell Message after packing order
  12. Upselling – Recommending a product after buying another product
  1. Our Office hours are
  2. Please leave your email and phone number
  3. Welcome customer back
  4. Will get back to you in 24 hours
  1. Asking a customer if they’d like to know their shipping options
  2. Delivery Delayed
  3. General Shipping Information
  4. Order Arriving Today
  5. Order out for delivery
  6. Parcel Successfully Delivered
  7. Thanks for order Tracking number
  8. Your Parcel will be delivered today

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